When did 'drinking games' stop including 'drink'?!

Day 2 in the merry old land of Oz.

After a seemingly very productive day of opening a bank account, enjoying the glorious weather, getting our base tan (and feeling like sun kissed goddesses) and enjoying a champion budget dinner, we thought we’d enjoy the free cocktail (available every evening – who’s winning now?) and a bit of Tuesday night Trivia courtesy of Funky Bunch.

Ashleigh and I, being advocates for the classic pub quiz, decided to indulge and thus continued the unplanned day.

Round 1 opener – first 4 people to the bar get a free Jäger. Yep, Aus 1 – UK 0.

So from this I’m sure you can tell we were living our best lives answering ‘say what you see’, geeking out at movie trivia and enjoying analyzing the random Japanese ads.

Yes. Yes that was the video we all got to enjoy.


Round 2 opener – 1 person from each team needs to take part in the horse race. Obvs I volunteered. (For those unsure, the horse race is actually a boat race but they canne call it that. Layman’s terms – chug a pint then put the empty cup on upside-down your head)


My debates here were:-


  1. Chug that bitch
  2. Pour it over my head in hopes for a win against 10 guys and 2 girls
  3. Savor the free pint because I’m a poor traveler now.

I went with option 1 because I like to win and didn’t want to waste a freebie.

Holding the cup with a locked elbow the adrenalin was pumping. We were all in the zone and ready to win some bonus points.


The words ‘go’ were shouted out like a shot gun and so the chugging began.


WTF is this?! It was nice but it WAS NOT BEER!


Well done comrades. By choosing the word ‘pint’ and not elaborating as to what, we willing chugged a mix of coke, lemonade and ginger ale. You heard correct. As it happens, in Aus it is illegal to play drinking games with real drink unless the person consuming it bought it from the bar themselves.


This leaves me pondering a few questions.


  1. A) Was it really Jäger in round 1?
  2. B) Was this then why a few teams didn’t enter bonus round 2?
  3. C) How the FUCK can we every enjoy beer pong over here?!