How is the planning going?


                                                             An accurate depiction of what I class as ‘planning’


It’s been a while since my last post. How are we all?

Have you missed me?

Just a little check in to let you know how I’m getting on because writing a post about my checklist makes me feel a little more organised than I currently am.

Australia Checklist

Travel Insurance is next on the list. Did I ever mention I’m indecisive and also an over-thinker – layman terms FUN SPONGE. That means this one is going to be a toughie. HELP is more than welcome in the comments.


It may have a BIG, FAT TICK next to it but don’t get too excited. 5 days. Yes. 5 days is all we have accounted for. The rest is to be confirmed. Ashleigh’s way of forcing me to be spontaneous. Cheers pal.


This is an ongoing process. Saving week-by-week (perks of working on the NurseBank) whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with my credit accounts and Experian *smug face*.


We don’t have one. Look. I’m clearly not getting my way which is already making me feel uncomfortable but to add to this, as I said above, Ashleigh is trying to unleash my inner spontaneity. If you have any suggestions please DO comment below. We’re open to most things and are yet to choose a path. Let’s not get the wrong idea here, we’re not going into this completely blind. We have many Pinterest boards, guide books and Insta posts saved as well as lists of places we’ve long wanted to explore. Did I mention the 5 days accommodation? That’s planning on some level I suppose. Holding out for the remaining 360 days.

Travel Stuff. 

By this I mean clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets and gizmo’s a plenty but not quite those that Ariel has acquired over the years. If you know me, you know I have had all these bits piling up long before this trip was ever set in stone and have, for once, listened to my better judgement and avoided using them to await that ‘new stuff thrill’.

So that’s where I’m at. It’s all coming together slowly but surely – more slowly than surely. Remember, I’m a complete newbie to this so ALL advice welcomed. Any tips, personal experiences, bloggers to follow or info you may think will help this chick out, feel free to advise below.

43 days and counting…

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