18… AGAIN!

Yes, I do have birthday coming up (yay me!). No, this is not what this post is all about… but we will definitely be coming back to that later!



This has been 2 years in the making but in January 2018 I made a big decision to leave the job (and second home) I had known for what would be 10 years to start my next adventure. I know, I know, such an overused term for someone starting a new job. This is not me. Well, it is me but that is also not the purpose of this never-ending story.


Most people take a gap year whilst living their best student life. Nope, not me. I’m coming up to 26 now and many of you may be reading this thinking ‘Pah, 26?!You’ve still got your whole life ahead of you’ but NEWS FLASH my nine-year-old self had BIG plans for us, most of which I’m currently failing(*cough* we know my mum is the only person reading this whilst wearing her ‘GO RHI’ foam glove)

I’m moving to OZ (cue marching band) No, not the land of munchkins, talking Lions, Tinmen and scarecrows but the other, ‘real McCoy’. Yes, your eyes do not deceive. I’m actually going somewhere without any real planning and totes out of my comfort zone. Ok, so the whole ‘moving’ thing is more of a temporary set up but who knows…

I’m leaving this humble ol’ county of Norfolk, England, a place where people migrate once retirement hits, to venture the land of the free and the home of the brave… or is that America? Anyway, I’ve lived here my whole life and never considered travelling, that was, until my worldly and well-travelled cousins decided to visit us from across the pond. This opened up so much curiosity and possibility for me. I’ve never strayed far from home and always returned after a couple of weeks. Oh, did I mention that time when I was 14 and travelled (adult-less) to Canada with my first ever bestie only to be accused of ‘running away from home’ and sent to immigration?! So yer, not too far from home.

Unlike most 18-year olds I did not fly the nest to embark on a life of Higher Education and more importantly Freshers. I did not try to discover who I was whilst nursing many a hangover nor making skimpy costumes out of recycled goods for the next theme night. I instead continued to develop my Dance Teaching skills knowing that dreams of becoming a West End dancer were not possible for this (almost) 5’2“ girl who did not inherit the 18 year old figure of her mother (sake mum!) I got comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job and do miss it but I want to explore new places and learn/understand new cultures (by starting with Australia, good work sista). Let’s not create the wrong impression, I’m not completely ‘Harry Potter living under the Stairs’ sheltered here. I’ve had many holidays to many amazing places but Lake Como at the age of 10 and Canada at ages 14 and 15 aren’t truly appreciated when all your friends are again off to Centre Parcs for the hundredth time!

I know what you’re all thinking, ‘poor naive Rhi, having never lived alone and so far from family, to be travelling a country bigger than Europe in its entirety, alone’ but you’d be wrong. I may have – on a whim – booked a flight to Brisbane, be yet to apply for a Visa and sort any living arrangements but I will have one of my bestest gal-pals Ashleigh by my side (Shameless blog drop for her here) and all the travel essentials needed after many a Pinterest search, not to mention more family out there than here!

So, after 10 years of comfort and letting time pass me by this is the start of something new (High School Musical reference unintended but very much enjoyed by myself). I’m not sure how I feel about being so far away from ‘home’ and for so long but as most keep reminding me, I can always jump on a plane and come back… Who am I kidding, firstly, why would anyone want to leave such an AMAZING country before their time is truly up and secondly, failure is not an option.

Just a few parting words before this train wreck of a blog is over. For those of you who have made it thus far, I commend your commitment and willingness (against your better judgement) to push through the hideously un-funny attempts at humour and the boring tale that is, at present, my life. If I haven’t yet managed to put you off or this post is, like most UK reality TV, oh-so bad it’s good, then feel free to subscribe. If, after reading this you’re done then you’re done.

Now in the famous words of Kel (and Coolio) – ‘Aw… here goes’


  • Kym

    Dearest Rhi, absolutely love your blog, witty, engaging, wonderful just like you. Good luck, to a beautiful and gifted young lady, dancer, teacher, nurse and now brave adventurer . Have the very best time xx Love you xx❤️

  • Sue Baldock

    Hi Rhiannon, It’s brilliant news you’ve decided to fly the big old nest namely Norfolk. Have an amazing adventure and keep in touch. My Amy will be so jealous she loves travelling, but she is now in the good old place of house buying, slipper warming and who knows maybe a sprig or two to come! Well hopefully anyway.

    Look after yourself say hi to Uncle Mark and grandad from me and find the love of your life. xxx

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